Shechitaknife / Ritualknife

Our company is producing the "ROBA" knives, which we call Ritualknives, for over 60 years. The brand is the shortname form "Röthlisberger Bärau".
Only a few p
roduction steps are made with modern machines.

The knives are still made by hand in our company.

The ritual knives are available in blade-lengh:

12 cm / 25 cm / 30 cm / 35 cm / 40 cm / 42 cm / 45 cm / 47 cm

12cm / 25cm / 35cm / 42cm / 47cm
12cm / 25cm / 35cm / 42cm / 47cm

Because the Ritualknife is a special product, there are longer production times of several weeks. Please take this into consideration when you are ordering. The knives are only produced by us to order.

Order our price list at:  or download it here:

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